The new Mummy movie has been in development for about a year under the combined efforts of producers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman, director Len Wiseman, and screenwriter Jon Spaihts. But Universal really wants this thing to get made and be released by its 2014 release date, and it looks they’re going to take out a bit of an insurance policy to make sure it happens.

Vulture is reporting that Universal is doubling down on the project by hiring screenwriter Billy Ray, writer of The Hunger Games and State of Play. Ray will be writing his own separate draft as Spaihts continues to toil on his draft. The theory here is that if Spaihts’ draft isn’t up to snuff, then Ray can’s can save the day. Or, if both drafts are a resounding success, the two will be combined to create a “super-script” (my turn of phrase).

No word on whether or not Ray is writing an entire new story or toiling on the same details as Spaihts, but the film is rumored to be taking place in the modern day, and will, obviously, involve a mummy.

More news as it develops.

Source: Collider

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