In two days, on February 16, 2013–at 9:00 am PST, the nerd floodgates will open, and a large percentage of geekdom will descend upon the SDCC website, only one single thought repeating endlessly in their fevered brains:


Indeed, the San Diego Comic-Con…our Mecca, our Mothership, our Devils Tower, is upon us once again.

Now, I’ve never been fortunate enough to attend, but from what I gather, Comic-Con season begins with this crazed rush to register for badges…there are millions of foaming nerds who want them, and only about 100,000 available.

Bit of a pickle, yes?

That’s why the SDCC has released this handy-dandy instruction video (below) to help you along with this seemingly brutal registration process. It’s just a simple tutorial–and it doesn’t offer any sneaky tricks that’ll help you get an edge on your rivals (er…fellow con-goers), but it should help prevent some basic registration snafus.

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