Last year NerdBastards brought you the news that Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson was keyed up to play Lobo in a DC comics movie. Today we bring you the sad news that all we hoped for, is not to be. In a recent interview with Dwayne Johnson about his current projects, MTV News asked the question:

Are you going to be playing Lobo?

With Johnson answering:

“It was [something that I was going to do] for a minute, but then it kind of just went away, as things happen in Hollywood. For a minute, I was interested in it, but then it went away.”

Considering the turmoil going on around Warner Brothers and DC Comics movie productions lately, it’s no surprise that this project has gotten left on the shelf to gather dust. If the powers that be can’t get any of the tent pole characters of DC Comics to the big screen in a unified manner, besides Batman that is, one would expect the secondary characters, no matter how beloved by fans, to wither and die on the vine.

Don’t worry though, we’ll be seeing plenty of Johnson in the coming weeks with his appearances in the action thriller Snitch later this month, G.I. Joe: Retaliation next month, Michael Bay’s dark comedy Pain and Gain in April, and then he’ll be in Fast & Furious 6 in May.

Johnson also confirmed we can look forward to his interpretation of the role of Hercules in director Brett Ratner’s Hercules.

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