Harrison Ford Back as Han Solo – Fan Boys Swoon


Once word got out about George Lucas selling Star Wars to Disney, everyone knew there would be new movies. The big question for most fan boys and girls was: Would any of the original actors be back in the Star Wars saddle again? We then heard that Harrison Ford would be open to reprising his nerdy iconic Han Solo character, a character he wanted killed off in the original trilogy.

Now of Latino Review is ready to announce that his sources have confirmed Harrison’s return as Han Solo and his on screen involvement in the some of the upcoming Star Wars movies. He says that everything is locked and the powers that be are just waiting for the ink to dry before announcing this big news. El Mayimbe does have a darn good track record with these types of movie rumors. In the video of his talk with FOX News Latino he discusses his methods and sources.

We all expected Hamill, Fisher, and the rest of the still living Star Wars actors to come back, but Ford was the wildcard in the cast that while we all hoped for, we couldn’t be sure. Until now that is. Remember, when Ford finished the third movie and left the franchise it was no secret that he thought he was done with anything Star Wars forever. He wanted Han dead. I don’t think he’s ever attended a convention or one of the Star Wars Celebrations has he? I couldn’t find any Internet footprint of it.

Click this link to check out the video, then come back to let us know what you think.

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