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ABOVE: Snow Gremlin. This is what happens when you pee on snow after midnight [ObviousWinner]


Star Wars fan Barry turned his entire 140-square foot living room into a diorama of the Battle of Hoth. Talk about an extreme home make over. [Geekologie]


This Iron Throne cake will doubtlessly lead to the downfall, if not of your house, then perhaps to your resistance of dessert. [GAS]


Fans of The Walking Dead! Need a hand keeping your media together? Now it’s easier than ever! Gentle Giant Ltd. is proud to present The Walking Dead Logo Bookends! [GentleGiant]


Conceptual Darth Vader meditation chamber fireplace. One day I will construct this in my living room, so that I can warm my Sith heart and meditate on how powerful I am. [DavesGeekyIdeas]


Dalek pizza. Pepperoni, Peppe-RONI… [ObviousWinner]


I failed chemistry in school. I never learned my elements. Perhaps if I had this Periodic Table of Super Heroes, learning might have been a little easier. [ThinkGeek]

I was unaware of the Harlem Shake until today.  Of course, it took a Star Wars version to introduce me to this booty shaking beat. Much like the prequels, I wish I never saw it.  [SlashFilm]

How do they make the swords on Game of Thrones? With fire and blood, of course! [NerdApproved]

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