Despite what you may have heard, there are some of us that weren’t completely upset with Marc Webb’s latest Spider-Man reboot.  In fact, there are quite a few folks out there looking for some news concerning the upcoming 2014 sequel.  We already know that Electro (Jamie Foxx) will be the main villain and that Paul Giamatti is supposedly playing the Rhino.  We also know that Mary Jane and Harry Osborn will be showing their faces.  Now, there may even be some potential Black Cat casting.  In addition, Webb teased a tiny taste of the changes they’ll be making to Spidey’s costume.  Check it all out after the jump.

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So it looks like Felicity Jones is definitely showing up for the Spider-Man sequel, although who she’ll be playing is still up in the air.  Some are guessing that Black Cat is the most likely answer, but with so many other new characters, one does have to wonder.  Though it would be great to see Black Cat on screen, it could also be a sign that Webb is opting for numbers of villains over character development.  Assuming, of course, that Black Cat is indeed who Jones will be playing.

Still, I have no arguments about a sexy villainess in a skin-tight leather/latex outfit.  Hell, I even managed to make it through three of the Underworld films purely because of that aesthetic.


Next up, Webb teased a tiny little 8-second video via his Tweeter accounts.  And though 7 ½ seconds of it is flashy and meaningless crap, it does offer up a quick ½-second look at what Spider-Man’s eyes will look like in the new flick.  Check out the still:

spider-man eye

So there you have it, the latest and the greatest in Spider-man news.  Check back for updates and, hopefully, the identity of Felicity Jones’s character within the next week or so (Webb’s been pretty good about letting us know who’s in the film thus far).

And don’t forget to mark the calendar for the film’s release on May 2nd, 2014.

Thanks to GeekTyrant (and GeekTyrant again) for the heads-up.

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