Review: ‘the Walking Dead’ – “Home”


Aptly titled “Home,” this episode is all about the aftermath of the Woodbury battle, when everyone returns home to lick their wounds, regroup and get their crazy on…. that is until someone drops a zombie-bomb on the prison.

It’s clear that Crazy Rick and Crazy Governor aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. The Governor misleads everyone at first, trying to make us think he’s a kinder, gentler leader but then he shoots up the prison like the crazy person he is.

I like the Crazy Rick story-line. It gives him some much needed depth. Like everyone, Rick has had a horrible life but up until now, his coping mechanism has been to dictate. Dictating isn’t dealing and his emotional defense is crumbling in a catastrophic way. Like Jason said last week, this story is about the parallel leadership of Rick and the Governor. The apocalypse has driven them both mad. Hopefully, Rick has enough friends to pull him back from the edge. It’s clearly too late for the Governor.

The writers do love their parallels and we get look at how both Andrea and Glenn try to fill the shoes of their respective leaders. Neither one of them really has any place asserting this kind of dominance. Glenn is driven by anger, not by the need to hold his group together. Andrea is driven by her need to stick her nose into everyone else’s business. They both need to take a step back, because I don’t see this playing out well for either of them. Especially Andrea, who needs to learn that sleeping with the king does not automatically make you queen.

The standout story-line of this episode was the one between Daryl and Merle as they try to reaffirm their brotherly bond. Their attempt is, of course, futile. Daryl and Merle are excellent examples of what happens when you are faced with immense horror and tragedy – either you cope or you fracture.  What we learn in “Home” is that Merle fractured long before the apocalypse. Merle learns what we’ve all known for 3 seasons, Daryl is the strong one. It seems like Daryl learns that this episode, as well.


-The fight on the bridge, because I could spend an hour just watching Daryl shoot his bow. (That is not a metaphor… okay, maybe it is…)

-Michonne speaks without scowling!

-The genuine flashes of regret on Merle’s face as Daryl walks away. He doesn’t regret what he did to Michonne and Glenn, he regrets that because of it, he cannot be with his brother.


-The episode as a whole felt like filler in the worst kind of way.

-Glenn and Hershel both are pontificating about what is best for Maggie. While this is a realistic reaction on their part, it’s frustrating because the only person who should be deciding what Maggie needs is Maggie.

-Andrea being Andrea.

Random Observation/Question:

Was anyone watching Judith while the Governor and his caravan of zombies were invading the prison? Did they leave her with Ghost Lori?

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