The Continuing Evolution of ‘Clerks 3’


Someone get Jeff Anderson to sign a fucking contract before Kevin Smith convinces himself that what the people really want Clerks 3 to be, is a silent movie, like The Artist, but with pantomime dick jokes.

Smith went on What’s Trending? to discuss the future of television and in the middle of the discussion, he was asked about bringing Clerks 3 to the web, something Smith said he had considered in an effort to, essentially, make the project interesting to him.

Smith also talked about a Broadway play (Fun Fact: the word cocksmoker hasn’t been uttered in a Broadway theater since the time I went to see Cats and found out that an understudy was playing Grizabella), but he said that that notion had been abandoned when he found out that doing a limited run on Broadway would be cost ineffective.

A book that won’t be titled, “The Ass to Mouth Diaries”, was also mentioned, with Smith saying he wants such a project to precede the possible third Clerks film and come out on a chapter by chapter basis so that the work can evolve with the assistance of fan feedback.

Why a book? Apparently, Smith would like to go deeper into these character’s lives so he can tell their origin story and seek value in their concentric monotony. Also, money.

I’m just guessing on that last part, but think of how many dependents this man has. Feeding them has to cost money. Not podcasting money. Real money.

Honestly, I like Smith and I love Clerks, but at some point the man is going to have to stop talking and get to work. Also, this is the second straight appearance without his trademark hockey jersey. I am getting concerned.

Here’s the video from What’s Trending?, the chat about Clerks begins at around the 13 minute mark.

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