Just in time for a pre-Season 3 marathon, Season 2 of HBO‘s Game of Thrones is now available on Blu-ray and DVD (Psst! You can win a copy of the Blu-ray from Nerd Bastards!) and it’s loaded with all sorts of goodies to please any and all fans. Some of these treats are hidden as Dragon Eggs – like Easter eggs, get it? – or at least they were until they were, like everything, shared on the internet. Now available for all to enjoy are these four deleted scenes from Game of Thrones‘ second season.

SanSan fans will most definitely enjoy the third clip, but the others featuring Irri and Doreah, Loras and Margaery, and my favorite, another sparring match between Littlefinger and Varys, are great additions to what was already a fantastic season. Check ’em out below and let us know which is your favorite? Any of these you wish they had left in the show?

If you already have a copy of Game of Thrones Season 2 you can head over to Buzzfeed for instructions on how to uncover these Dragon Eggs for yourself.

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