It’s the announcement gamers have all been waiting for — Sony is revealing details for the next generation, the Playstation 4. Watch the livestream here and check out our live blog.

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Live Blog

So far, the biggest reveals have been the new dual shock controller, with a touchpad and a camera that sees the controller. There will also be a dedicated chip for downloads and uploads — something that could pave the way for more direct downloads of content. They’re also promising the death of load times.

Social networking will also be a key component. I don’t see the point in being able to watch a friend game, but they’re highlighting it.

Share button seeks to bring friends into the gaming experience. Help with defeating tough levels and challenges, social messaging on screen while playing a game, sending someone a DM to change your feed bag so you never, ever have to stop playing Skyrim.

They’re talking about the Vita as a companion device, taking a cue from Wii U and their tablet inspired controller. Also, every screen is beautiful.

Usual suspects in terms of streamable content: Amazon, Hulu Plus, Crackle (because, apparently people crave the crackle), and the Netflix.

Talking about putting retro games on PS4 via cloud technology eventually, though you won’t, apparently, be able to play PS3 games on the PS4 out of the box. How pissed are you that you got rid of your copy of Final Fantasy IX?

The Missing Wow Factor So Far

Still waiting for that WOW reveal. That thing that makes me think, I MUST have this system. Quicker downloads is a big deal, but they can only do much on the hardware side to make direct downloads of games a feasible mainstream model. So that feels like an innovation for another day, not something that will matter a whole hell of a lot out of the box in the near future. I imagine that the longevity of the last generation and the rocky debut of PS3 made the need for built in innovations that would matter more as time goes by a MUST. Smart business move, but that won’t get wallets to swing open.

Social network function is neat, but is it going to be practical. Solitary gaming is the proffered way for many.

Okay, the video with developers gushing over the development process has come to an end, back to the live blog.

Live Blog (Continued)

Killzone: Shadow Fall demo on screen. Graphics are impressive, sound and effects like the explosion draw you in. Is this THAT MUCH of an upgrade over current gen? Also, this is a demo. How will it look on MY TV out of the box?

Cars look spectacular on Drive Club, which is a team based game that has been in the works for about a decade. Ooooh, fiber direction map. Snazzy…

Is Sony over emphasizing social gaming?

This game from Sucker Punch looks amazing, but Killzone looked like gameplay, this looked like a cinematic, so who cares what that looks like?

Thou shalt not poo poo immense, open worlds. The Witness is aiming to be dense, all killer, no filler. I am skeptical. I’m a Fallout junkie, I need a 45 minute walk from outpost to outpost damnit.

I understand the need to show a broad range of game options, but for something like this, I think showing games that push the graphical edge  would have been wiser. Also, familiar franchises.

David Cage from Quantic Dream, aka Hard Rain and Beyond: 2 Souls creator talking now. Could get what I’m asking for in terms of innovation and beauty.

Hey, by the way, this presentation is far too long.

Do gamers care about the past of Sony, or is this about the future? Less about the talk, more about the show.

90 minutes in and they finally announce that “nearly” every 3rd party developer will support PS3. No-brainer, but still, it would have been nice if it came up front.

This guy just said the word tweet… he is clearly one of us.

Explain to me how Capcom’s past use of tech on the PS2 is going to sell me and you on the PS4?


Right now, all I want to know is: what does it look like, how much will it cost, will it play used games, and how long will they offer support on the PS3 so I can avoid buying this new thing.

Watching the stream on Twitch. Lots of “these guys look gay” on their comment system. Oh yes, lets make gaming MORE of a social experience.

Talking about Watch Dogs now, one of the most buzzed about games from E3.

Watch Dogs looks good. This is something we already knew.

Blizzard and Sony have aligned. Then, the Blizzard guy called out for applause from the audience — there was silence.

Blizzard announces a Diablo port to the PS4. So… that worked out well last time they did that.

Activision guy comes out, vows to support PS4 in launch window, which will be…

Bungie and Destiny coming to the PS4. So far, this is my favorite bit of news.

And it’s done. Yes. It’s done.


Apparently the next generation looks a lot like this generation. Also, way to piss off gamers and sour journalists against your system by putting out a 2 hour dog and pony show with little substance. No look at the system, no specific release date, no set price point. Basically, all the games looked like something off a PC dev kit and there were tons of cinematics and little gameplay.

Basically, Microsoft can rather easily grab a lead in the next gen race with a presentation that is less flair and more fact. And also, show us the damn system.


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