By now you may have already figured out which witch goes green come the end of Oz the Great and Powerful, but it’s a mystery they’re desperately clinging to for the film’s promotion, as you can see in the teaser below. If you’d like to remain unspoiled about whether it’s Rachel Weisz‘s Evanora or Mila Kunis‘ Theodora then wait until Oz releases on March 8th, otherwise check out these pics posted to Comic Forum. They leave no question as to which witch is the Wicked Witch.

Obligatory SPOILER WARNING goes here. Do not continue below the video if you’d like to keep her true identity a secret.



And if you haven’t guess it yet, the next one is a dead giveaway,


Yup, it’s Mila! Personally, I don’t think it’s that big of surprise. For one, when Kunis was cast a few years back there was nothing hidden about her playing the Wicked Witch. And if you watch those ads they make Weisz’s Evanora seem the likely candidate, which of course means there’s no way she’d be the Wicked Witch.

What do guys think? Predictable or were you genuinely surprised? What do you think of Kunis’ green look?

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