J.J. Abrams might not be talking about Benedict Cumberbatch‘s character’s true identity, but he’s more than willing to pontificate about Klingons and Alice Eve‘s role as Carol Marcus in the upcoming Star Trek Into Darkness. He recently sat down with MTV and answered some questions.

He does confirm that the Klingons play an adversarial role in the movie, and was careful to point out that no one has to be extremely knowledgeable about Klingons to enjoy the part Klingons will play in the movie.

“You don’t need to know any preexisting stories to enjoy this film.”

Abrams goes on to explain that Carol Marcus’s role in the movie is much more than a simple love interest for Kirk (Chris Pine).

“[She’s] someone who is part of the adventure, her role is important. She wouldn’t be in the movie otherwise.”

What are you looking forward to seeing most?

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