SETI (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) began an online poll a few days ago to find names for two tiny moons of Pluto, recently discovered thanks to the Hubble Space Telescope, and designated P4 and P5 thus far.

SETI proposed a list of mythology-inspired monikers, in keeping with the naming traditions of planetary bodies within our solar system, and so far, Vulcan is leading the race. Approximately 347,000 votes have been cast, with more than 120,000 for Vulcan. Cerberus and Styx are in second and third place, respectively, and other candidates include Hercules, Orpheus, Sisyphus,  and Persephone (not enough Firefly fans voting, apparently).

It was William Shatner himself who proposed this addition to SETI. The Shat never misses a chance to pimp out Star Trek, and suggested not only Vulcan, but Romulus as well–but it seems that one’s already taken (along with Remus), it’s the name of one of Asteroid 87 Silvia’s moons (I didn’t even know asteroids HAD moons! Who says this site isn’t educational?)

Keep in mind, this poll itself will not choose the names of these moons. The candidates with the most votes will be presented to the International Astronomical Union, but they will make the actual decision.

If you’d like to add your two cents, the poll is open until 12:00 PM EST on Feb. 25 at Pluto Rocks! (one vote per day, please).

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