Last night Sony made the announcement we’ve all been waiting for, the PS4 is on its way. It’ll be releasing the end of this year, just in time for the holidays, and features many updates over their current console. But if you were trying to watch the announcement yourself you probably had troubles with the stream, buffering issues, or were just fuckin’ bored because who knew it was going to run for hours! Hours upon hours of praise for the console and its new specs without a single fuckin’ look at thing! To relive the frustration just take a look at our own live blog of the event. I honestly became a little concerned for Jason at about the hour and half mark.

This isn’t to say the whole announcement was a waste of time – yes it was – but those important bits could have easily been covered in about three and a half minutes. Which is what we’ve got here, courtesy of VideoGamer, the entire PS4 announcement in a quick and funny 3:22.

Source: Kotaku

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