Unless you’re a video game recluse you’ve by now heard Sony has officially announced the PS4. While Nintendo’s Wii U has already been available for months, it’s the PS4’s release this holiday season that really signals the beginning of the next generation of gaming consoles. Sorry, Wii U, but serious gamers just don’t care. Shit, serious gamers use PCs, so they don’t give a fuck about all this next-gen talk anyway.

The ball is now in Microsoft‘s court, what will they be offering up to counter the substantial updates of the PS4? It’s been rumored we’d learn about Microsoft’s next-gen console by GDC, the Game Developers Conference on March 25th, but maybe we’ll see something even earlier. Eventcore, an event organizing company Microsoft has worked with in the past, just registered the domain Visiting the site will get you nowhere, but the fact it’s been registered at all is raising some questions. And honestly, I don’t think anyone believed Microsoft would stay quiet about the Xbox 720 or whatever it is for long.

What do you guys think? Will Microsoft be announcing their next-gen console soon in order to steal a little of Sony’s thunder?

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