Most people know “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”, that classic tale of Ichabod Crane and his night of terror being chased down by the infamous rider known as the Headless Horseman. The tale was adapted into a successful feature film by Tim Burton in 1999 and is now reportedly being adapted again by Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, this time as a modern-day take on the tale with a unique twist.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Star Trek writers and producers are developing Sleepy Hollow for 20th Century Fox as a supernatural thriller. It will follow former history professor Ichabod Crane as he partners with Sleepy Hollow’s local female sheriff to “solve the mysteries of a town ravaged by the battle between good and evil.”

Here’s a quick synopsis of the series:

In the script, Ichabod is described as a captain in the Revolutionary War who has been to hell and back. The former history professor finds himself catapulted to present day Sleepy Hollow, where he’s indicted for the murder of a police officer and forced to prove not only his innocence but make a wary detective believe he’s a traveler from the 18th century.

Shows like Once Upon a Time and Grimm have been using the supernatural element mixed with popular literature for a few years now and have been quite successful in that regard. Although the time travel aspect of Sleepy Hollow may be just the attention grabber that audiences are looking for, if someone loses track of the plot in between flashbacks or character dialogue people are going to lose interest quick.

So far, actors Orlando Jones and Katia Winter have been cast with Jones playing Lt. Frank Williams, a stern professional detective transferred to Sleepy Hollow to investigate a double homicide, and Winter as the wife of Ichabod and a nurse with the 37th Regiment in the Revolutionary War. Total Recall director Len Wiseman is on tap to direct the pilot.

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