Sexy Cosplay of the Week: KO Cosplay

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It’s time for another edition of the Sexy Cosplay of the week with KO Cosplay from New York, New York.

This American cosplayer has been quite busy in the three years since she started, ramping up her convention appearances year after year. With a great imagination and gorgeous good looks, this perky New Yorker has captured many poor souls in a one-two combination of brains and beauty.

Working hard on everything she does KO Cosplay has put together some banging costumes in the last few years, from Selena of the Underworld franchise and Marvel’s Black Widow to gender-flipped Link of the Zelda series. Making her own costumes and building her own props KO Cosplay delivers a KO to cosplayers everywhere, just check out the gallery below.

For more of KO Cosplay be sure to head to Facebook, Deviant Art, and ACParadise for more.

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