Before we begin, let’s go over what is CONFIRMED regarding future Star Wars live-action films:
They will be made. Episode VII will be one of them (likely the first). J.J. Abrams will direct Episode VII.

That’s ALL! Anything else, thus far, is rumor, conjecture, supposition, and fanboy wish-fulfillment.

Are we all on the same page? Cool.

Rumors of additional SW film projects have included standalone features based around Han Solo and Boba Fett (fairly likely), Yoda (whom I can’t see carrying an entire movie–but that’s just me), and–if Ewan MacGregor has his way, Obi-Wan Kenobi (pipe dream).

Now we can add the popular RPG Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic to the list of Nerd Media whisperings. The rumor seems to originate from Ain’t It Cool News (which was enough to raise this writer’s skeptical eyebrow–and even they’re not giving it much credit). The idea apparently entered the minds of SW fans when KOTOR writer (and author of five Expanded Universe novels)Drew Karpyshyn left video game developer Bioware to pursue a career as a Hollywood screenwriter, and posted this comment on his personal website:

I don’t have any produced or sold screenplays yet. I have one script that’s nearly complete, and I will be looking for an agent soon to help me market it to major Hollywood studios.

This cryptic statement is undated, and thus could have dick to do with a Star Wars project, but it was enough to fuel the imaginations of KOTOR fans.

We DO know that SW Producer Lawrence Kasdan has stated that he has no intention of using the EU as source material for any upcoming spinoffs or sequels–which is enough for me to put this theory to bed.

Enjoy your weekends, folks: No doubt I’ll be back soon to report on the rumored standalone Jaxxon flick.

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