Wizard World Portland CC – Day 1


EDITORS NOTE: Nerd Bastard’s intrepid reporter Jason McAnelly is on a work vacation. He’s attending the Wizard World convention in Portland, Oregon.  WW is like is a national comic-book, sci-fi, nerd gathering with seasonal conventions happening nation wide. This is Jason’s first Wizard World, and wants to share his experience with you. Recaps, pictures and various other coverage will featured over the weekend.

I arrived early, hoping that perhaps my media badge would get me through some secret side door and past the line that wound through the Oregon Convention Center like a giant snake.  No such luck.  So after grabbing a coffee, I traveled the 4.2 miles to the end of the queue and waited.  Luckily it only took about 20 mins to get rolling and went pretty quick, else I may have peed myself.

I was first greeted by a wall of dealers, selling everything from comic books to action figures to artwork.  At the center of this madness, a giant ugly tower of t-shirts.  I think they’re sponsoring the event or something, cause the t-shirt tower kept blasting crap across the intercom about their sales.  They did, however, have a dancing cow, so I can forgive them at least a little.

Being as how this is the first day and the first time Wizard World has visited Portland, Friday was pretty slim on the cosplayers.  I saw a couple of good ones, including (see below for pictures) an awesome Bender, a kick-ass Hit-Girl, the obligatory but not crappy Harley Quinn and a dweller from Vault 101.

The other thing I saw was a prevalence of what I will henceforth be calling the “Con Sorority Girls”.  I’m not sure if these ladies were hired to be promotional or if they actually possessed some sort of semi-fame, but they wandered around in high-heels and camel-toe inducing tight-pants and seemed well out of place.  I’m pretty sure one must have been famous, since people kept getting pictures with her (not me, sorry).  Of course, that also could have been due to the fact that she was boldly sporting an inch of both her butt-crack and her landing strip.  And no, she was not dressed up as anyone.

Due to the first day being a bit shorter than the other two, I only managed to squeeze in two panels before the Con was closed for the day.  The first was a Q&A with Gail Simone, which was pretty cool.  She spent most of the time talking about her upcoming projects.  Then I went into a Horror in Comic Books panel featuring Jesse Snider (Evil Ernie), Joe Keatinge (Mobius: The Living Vampire) and Jeff Balke (John Carpenter’s Asylum).  This panel was 80% Snider talking a mile-a-minute, 19% Keatinge trying to get a word in edgewise and 1% Balke being asked his opinion.  Entertaining, but a bit on the chaotic side.

All-in-all, a successful day at the con.  Wishing I would have had the money to buy tix for the meet-and-greets, but you can’t have everything.  Check out today’s pix below and tune in tomorrow evening for more coverage (and probably a much better set of pix, since I’ve got someone else doing them…).


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