Riddick_international-poster-1PPPAfter five years of starts, stops and one eviction, it looks like Riddick is on track to hit the big screen this fall. Yes, the third installment of the Chronicles of Riddick franchise from writer/director David Twohy is still set to hit theaters on September 6th. We can say this because the films star, Vin Diesel, shared the following with his 39+ million fans on his official facebook and we all know you can’t put stuff up on facebook unless it is totally for realsies. (since I suppose it could count as a spoiler, it’s up after the jump.)


“It has been 9 years since The Chronicles of Riddick was released…all along I knew I would eventually have to return to that dark place, the mind of an Alpha Furyan…”

Yup. That is some high caliber acting going on there. I am going to assume to set the mood for the scene Twohy continuously played Depeche Mode cassettes on the set.

You’d think he’d release an image of Riddick kicking alien bounty hunter ass or something since that is apparently the plot of the movie. But no, we get a candid shot of the character brooding/snoozing/ripping off Game of Thrones.

Now I am not trying to tell Mr. Diesel how to market his movies on social media, but if you want people to get excited about a picture give us something that really shows off what we can expect…


Source: Cinema Blend

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