Andrea’s return to the prison makes for an all around boring episode, but beyond the character no one likes, “I Ain’t No Judas” gives us some wonderful moments, some big faceplams and a villain who couldn’t possibly be any creepier.

This episode is about Andrea, but Hershel was the standout character of the show. He may be old and he may have only one leg, but he has the leadership skills that this group needs. His moment with Merle was a prime example of this. It was lovely. Hershel has a way of seeing beyond the exterior that no one else in the prison possesses. My only issue with Hershel in this episode was him telling Rick that “now is not the time” for Rick’s psychotic break. Yes, I’m sure it would be wonderful if Rick could postpone his mental breakdown for a more convenient moment, but things just don’t work that way.

Which brings me to my next point. Why is the rest of the team waiting for Rick to step down as leader? Why are they waiting for an unwell man to make this decision? They are not five years old. I loved the moment with Carl asking his father to take a break from leading the group, but dear lord, that little boy should have never been in that position in the first place.

Team Prison’s inability to do anything without Rick’s permission might cost all of them their lives. The most pivotal moment of the episode is when Team Tyrese spills on Rick’s state of mind, or lack thereof, to the Governor. Now the Governor knows that he has nothing to fear from the gang at the prison. They are helmed by a weak and cracked up leader. Woodbury might be helmed by a crazy person, but the Governor is not weak.

Speaking of the Governor, did anyone else get major chills every time he was on screen? Not to mention the creepy “you belong here” seduction speech he gave Andrea right before they had sex? I felt like I needed to shower after watching that. In fact, I feel like I need to shower just thinking about it. I’d rather deal with a horde of zombies than One-Eyed Creepy McCrazypants.


I loved the layers this episode gave to some of the characters.

Merle’s a bookworm! Who knew?

Carol, a survivor of domestic violence, telling Andrea, a woman currently in a relationship with a psychopath, how to sex up and then kill the Governor.

Michonne finally getting a personality that goes beyond glowering. Her assessment of Andrea’s emotional state was necessary, honest and harsh but also tempered with love. It was brilliant to see that side of Michonne.


The episode was slow and focused a bit too much on Andrea. Every character here has made pathetic choices, but they are usually for complex reasons. Andrea isn’t complex. She’s just pathetic.

Daryl’s blind devotion for his brother is getting to be a bit much. I think we all understand his perspective, but he’s putting the physical and mental health of the entire group at risk.

The song at the end. I am not a fan of stunts like this. They always come across as very awkward and take me out of the story.

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