Wizard World Portland CC – Day 3


This last and final day of the Wizard World Portland Comic Convention was fast and furious (and no, I’m not talking about that dumb movie).  Basically, after missing my bus once I finally made it across town and immediately got in line for the Morena Baccarin Q&A.  I arrived not a moment too soon, for within 10 minutes the line had begun to pile up and bleed into the lobby.  So there I stood, with 45 minutes on the clock, a full cup of coffee and three panels in a row to watch.  I prayed that my bladder would hold out long enough.

Here’s a breakdown of the three panels, since I didn’t do much of anything else today:

Morena Baccarin – A nice person, she seemed genuinely interested in answering the questions of her fans.  The creepy “give me a hug” guy showed up again but only managed a handshake.  The same guy kept getting back into line to ask questions over and over, but at least he didn’t ask stupid ones.  Isn’t there a rule against that sort of behavior?  In any case, it was pleasant to hear Baccarin talk about her work both past and present.

James Marsters – It’s been a long time since I’ve watched either Buffy or Angel, so I didn’t realize how old this guy’s gotten.  He was here with his band and even played a concert the other night (which I did not have the cash to attend…).  Of all the talks and panels I attended this weekend, Marsters was by far the best.  He was entertaining, friendly and not afraid to discuss the finer points of both pubic bleaching and making out with John Barrowman.  If you ever see Marsters on a bill in the future, make a point of going to see him – you won’t be disappointed.  Btw, here is a link to his band’s website, in case you want to support his musical efforts.

Brent Spiner – I’ve never really been too much of a Star Trek: TNG fan.  I’m an Original Series guy to the bone.  But I have seen several seasons and there’s a cute girl I know who loves Spiner, so I figured I should see what he had to say (what greater motivation does one need?).  Most of his Q&A was basically Brent Spiner acting like Brent Spiner.  He was like a stand up comedian from the 30s, putting out shtick after shtick.  I dunno if he was drunk, has a major ego or was just loopy from the long hours at the con, but it was pretty much train of thought with him.  Only about five people got their questions answered due to this, despite there being well over 20 in line.  Oh well.  Can’t win them all, right?

Once the panels were over, I went for a walk on the floor once more.  Some quick advice for comic collectors: wait until the last hour of the con and you can find some pretty amazing deals out there.  Lots of stuff labeled 50-70% off, including some really nice Golden Age books.

After a quick browse (and a lament that I was too broke to improve my collection) I took off and headed home.  I sit now, tired and grateful that it’s all over, but somehow missing it, despite my exhaustion.

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