Relativity’s reboot of Alex Proyas’ Gothic-Punk classic: The Crow (based on the comic book by James O’Barr) has, over the years, gone through more lineup changes than Van Halen. First on the roster were Blade director Stephen Norrington at the helm, and Mark Wahlberg starring. Wahlberg quit when Norrington decided to pass on the project.

Then Juan Carlos Fresnadillo (28 Weeks Later) stepped up to the plate (forgive the baseball metaphors) with Bradley Cooper as Eric Draven, but a distribution rights feud between Relativity and The Weinstein Company effectively hamstringed this project–leaving it once again short a director and a star once the dust settled.

Now Bloody Disgusting is reporting that James “Young Charles Xavier” McAvoy is mulling over the iconic role made famous by the late Brandon Lee….

While nothing is set in stone, this news does come from the same source that leaked Wahlberg’s involvement in the reboot’s first iteration–which few believed until the actor himself confirmed it. Thus, it’s probably worthy of consideration, if not blind acceptance.

Source: Screenrant

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