We often find solace in our hobbies, a way to escape the troubles of our individual worlds. When Redditor Ib-Cyber lost his sister to cancer after nine long years of struggle, he turned to his favorite game to help ease his pain of loss. He chronicled how playing Skyrim helped him in his time of grief and posted it on Reddit.

Someone on the staff of Bethesda saw the post and contacted Ib-Cyber, asking for his mailing address. On the one year anniversary of his sister’s death a package was delivered to his door. Opening the package he discovered a Skyrim art book signed by the Bethesda Skyrim team. Ib-Cyber later posted:

“I absolutely was floored, and a day I thought would be absolutely agonizing ended with an incredibly heart-warming and unexpected moment of absolute kindness.”

Ib-Cyber’s post must have touched the Bethesda team’s heart strings. For the Bethesda team it must have felt very rewarding to have their hard work not only be appreciated, but help a fellow gamer through hard times.

What games or nerdy hobbies of yours have helped you through some hard times?

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