With five decades of history behind it Doctor Who has attained a fan base many franchises can only dream of. One of the reasons for this is, naturally, the amazing writers and their stories. But perhaps just as important is the fans’ tendency to latch onto and love their own Doctor. With the 50th-anniversary episode on its way you’d think Steve Moffat‘s first priority would be to grab up every Doctor still kicking and get them involved, right?

David Tennant, more affectionately known as the Tenth Doctor, had previously stated his involvement in the upcoming anniversary episode. And why wouldn’t he? There is, after all, a half human, half time lord version of himself living on an alternate Earth. But even though David has spoken openly about being involved, he now maintains that he has heard nothing about appearing in the show. In a recent interview with Time Out London he stated that he was “beginning to give up hope that anything’s going to happen” and would find it odd if he was excluded from this year’s fiftieth anniversary celebrations.

I’d find it weird too; Tennant was the second Doctor of the revised series, became highly popular among the fans and is now a part of Doctor Who royality via his marriage to Fifth Doctor Peter Davison‘s daughter. But has he suffered the “Wrath of Moffat”?

Of course, the show runner is quite secretive of his scripts and even when things get leaked they’re not as we hear. What do you think? Is it a case of loose lips twist space and time or is Moffat leaning towards keeping the anniversary a more low key event? Either way you can’t have an Eleven without a Ten – it’s science.

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