Joss Tells Us Why a Hulk Movie’s Hard to Do

The Hulk in The Avengers

Everyone loved Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner/Hulk in The Avengers right? So why can’ t The Hulk seem to work in a film of his own?

Well, Avengers director Joss Whedon has some thoughts about that at a recent Q&A. And via Geek Chocolate, here’s what he said about whether or not it’s possible to make a good Hulk movie:

“Yes. But it would be very, very hard. Hulk is a tricky son of a bitch. He’s the Claudio of superheroes. Because the problem is it’s a very popular character, but it’s not a superhero. Half of it’s a superhero, half of it’s a werewolf. And you can’t structure it like a superhero movie, you can’t light it like a superhero movie. How do you develop that? It would be extremely difficult. The one thing you would have in your favor would be Mark Ruffalo. But right now I don’t know if they have plans to do that or not, because he works so well as part of a greater whole, but by himself, it’s tough. I don’t envy the guys who went before.”

Whedon forgot to mention that any Hulk movie is also part-Fugitive, so that’s at least three different genres you have to mesh together into order to create a decent Hulk flick. I think The Incredible Hulk came pretty close to getting that mixture right, but it wasn’t perfect.

What do you Bastards think? Did Whedon nail it on the head, or is he way off?

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