When it comes to live-action adaptations Wonder Woman has struggled. Not since the 70s and Lynda Carter has there been either a Wonder Woman TV show or movie, and when they have tried, well, putting it nicely would be saying they failed. She’s fared pretty well in cartoons, animated features, and video games, but when it comes to bringing Wonder Woman to life with a real, flesh and blood actress Hollywood doesn’t get it.

So I say, let the fans have a crack at it. This trailer for Female Super Hero Fan Film from Jesse V. Johnson is astounding. This is what I want from Wonder Woman, not her juggling business and crime-fighting, not her discovering herself in high school, I want Wonder Woman kicking ass and protecting the innocent on a major scale. Johnson’s trailer gives us that, plus Nazis, and who doesn’t love seeing Nazis get the shit kicked out of them? Nina Bergman‘s Amazon is beautiful, but also capable and deadly. Ah! I love this so much, just watch.

What do you say? I think I’ll be spamming Warner Bros. and DC with this trailer for the rest of the day. Seriously, call Jesse and cast Nina, please.

Source: io9

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