That didn’t take long at all! Only earlier this week George R.R. Martin was discussing how the title for his Game of Thrones Season 3 contribution, episode 7 or 27 or 307 depending on whose system of counting you prefer, was again changed. He gave the clue, “I lost a title, but gained a song,” which led many, myself included, to suspect the title was now “The Bear and the Maiden Fair.”

Ding! Ding! Ding! Internet, give yourself a pat on the back, we were right. Here are the rest of the titles to just about every episode of Season 3,

Ep. 301 – Valar Dohaeris
Ep. 302 – Dark Wings, Dark Words
Ep. 303 – Walk of Punishment
Ep. 304 – And Now His Watch is Ended
Ep. 305 – Kissed by Fire
Ep. 306 – to be determined
Ep. 307 – The Bear and the Maiden Fair
Ep. 308 – to be determined
Ep. 309 – The Rains of Castamere
Ep. 310 – Mhysa

Wow. What a lineup! Those solely watching the TV series, just understand you’re in for a wham bang of a season and that you should likely avoid this post’s comments. March 31st will be here before we know it! Book readers, join me below the cut to hash out what these titles are all about.

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I’m again warning you because I’m going to be blatant about some huge events in A Storm of Swords that I believe are being reflected in these episode titles. This is your last warning.

Okay, the first one, “Valar Dohaeris” is nice call back to the Season 2 finale, “Valar Morghulis.” Other than that, I’m sure we’ll spend this episode mostly catching up with everyone since the end of last season. “Dark Wings, Dark Words,” well, there are a lot of people who’ll be receiving some bad news, but what comes to mind is Catelyn and Robb learning of Bran and Rickon’s deaths and the sacking of Winterfell. “Walk of Punishment” is another one that doesn’t immediately jump out at me. Arya in the Riverlands? Jaime’s capture? Theon’s punishment? I’m not sure. You’re welcome to weigh in below in the comments.

“And Now His Watch Has Ended,” is clearly the mutiny back at Craster’s keep and Cmd. Mormont’s death. Just another reminder that anyone can be killed. “Kissed by Fire” can refer to a couple things, one there’s Ygritte who’s always referenced this way in the book because of her shocking read hair. And we all know how things go down between her and Jon. There’s also Thoros of Myr and his flaming sword, so maybe this’ll be the introduction of The Brotherhood. Skipping episode six, there’s “The Bear and the Maiden Fair,” another title that I think has duel meanings. First there’s the scene with Jaime, Briene, and the bear pit, but my shipper heart wants to believe it’ll also refer to events between Jorah and Daenerys.

Again, no episode eight title. I wonder why those aren’t either known or haven’t been revealed, yet? Then! The two big ones, and the two which are clearly indicating where they’re deciding to split the events of A Storm of Swords into Season 3 and Season 4. “The Rains of Castamere” is The Red Wedding, and while I think we all assumed they’d use the more colorful title they’ve been hinting with that song since the beginning of Season 2. So that’s a real nice build up I think fans new and old will appreciated. Then there’s the finale, “Mhysa” which is the Ghiscari word for Mother. There’s one obvious reason and that’s Daenerys becoming a Mother not only to dragons, but also to the slaves she frees. Basically, she and her dragons are going to rain so much hell on her enemies, I can’t wait! There’s also another Mother this might refer, too, and that’s Catelyn, who after the events of the previous episode will be going through a transformation.

Whew! So those are my thoughts, what are you guys thinking?

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