That’s right, you read the headline right, this is news not about the as-of-yet unreleased Zack Snyder Superman flick Man of Steel, but about the sequel to said movie.  The current production has been getting some outstanding reviews from early screenings, even to the point of the ominous “best movie of the year” title being bestowed upon it.  So it only seems natural that Warner Bros. would want to jump on top of a potentially hot property and keep it going in an effort to reach Marvel Studio-levels of entertainment power.

The rumor mill says that the movie is being pushed into high gear.  Furthermore it looks like they’re going to be bringing back David S. Goyer to script the sequel.  In case you didn’t know, Goyer wrote the current flick.  And if Man of Steel is what people are saying, it’s a safe bet to keep him involved.

Of course, none of this is officially “official” yet, but the WB would be fools to not get this thing ready ASAP if they really do have that much confidence in Man of Steel.  Now, if they could just get their heads out of their asses about that Justice League script…

Check out whether or not Man of Steel is the best movie in the universe come June 14th.


And thanks to ThinkMcFlyThink for the heads-up.

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