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ABOVE: Lego Picard and Slave Wesley. Someone made it so. [Superpunch]


A family who cosplays Doctor Who together stays together. Oh, and of course, the parents made the kids dress like Daleks… the little monsters that they are. [FashionablyGeek]


Boba Fett mixer. Bounty hunters love baking, didn’t you know? [Technabob]


Imagine reading the morning paper, you turn the page, take a sip of coffee… and BAM, you see the shadow of a dragon flying over head. You’d be taking a spit take for sure. Anyway, this a well placed ad campaign for Game of Thrones. Marketers, you’re doing it right.  [TheMarySue]


Sno-Da. Strong with the flurries, you are. [GAS]

Lego Avengers do the Harlem shake. Captain America does not get the reference. Way better than the original. Yeah.. [SpastikChuwawa]

Hallows – Harry Potter Parody of Halo by Beyonce. [Mandy Maynard on Youtube]

I don’t care if these robots are pantomiming to a prerecorded track, they’re still robots and a ACDC is being played. I for one welcome our rock ‘n roll playing robot overlords.  [ToplessRobot]

FPS “Vader Strikes” lightsaber fight scene by The Stunt People. Watch Darth Vader kick Jedi ass, through his own  eyes.  [ObviousWinner]

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