REVIEW: ‘Psych’ Season 7 Premier

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It’s been a long 9 months, but USA Network’s hit show Psych is back! You know that’s right!

The season seven premiere picks up right after Henry Spencer is shot in the chest, point-blank, by an old cop friend, Jerry Carp (Max Gail).

We see how the bond between Shawn and Henry has grown, through Shawn’s one-way, heartfelt talk to his unconscious father, in the hospital.

Juliet tells Shawn that she doesn’t want him to get involved with his dad’s case, because it’s too personal.  We see just how much Shawn and Juliet’s dating relationship has grown over the past couple of seasons, especially after learning last season that Shawn had bought Juliet an engagement ring and is keeping it a secret.

I’m also not only wondering how their relationship is going affect Shawn and Gus’ serious bromance, but if the prospect of wedding bells are going to round of some of Shaw’s edges.  When characters start marrying each-other, it sends up a red flag in my head, as that can often mark the jumping of the shark for a series.  I do, though, have confidence in Steve Franks (creator, director, producer, writer) and crew.  Over the past 6 seasons, they have maintained a great storyline, a three-dimensional cast and a very legitimate sense of humor.  Another thing that keeps me hopeful is the believable chemistry between all of the characters on the show.  They all have come to earn some sort of investment with each-other, and we see this even with the curmudgeon “lone-wolf,” Detective Lassiter (Timothy Omundson).


Sean defies Juliet, and starts the search for his dad’s shooter, anyway.  We see a darker side of Shawn this episode, watching him break down doors, trash a suspect’s house, terrorizing a gun range and even pulling a gun on a criminal.  We see that Shawn might be becoming more of a man, and even possibly acquiring some heroic characteristics at times.  We’re starting to really see a difference between Shawn and his season one-self.

Shawn and Gus find that they have two allies this episode, Chief Vick and Lassiter.  Chief Vick shows her soft spot for the Spencers by yelling at Shawn, but then pulls him aside and then off-the-record, grants her support of his emotionally-charged investigation.  Lassiter also shows his rare support for Shawn, after connecting with Shawn’s unwillingness to quit in bringing his father’s shooter to justice.

Shawn and Gus find out that the shooter, Jerry Carp, is involved in gun-running business, managed by corrupt cops and lead by a fake-philanthropist.  Jerry shot Henry to prevent him from exposing their operation.  Shawn tracks Jerry to a secret house, where Jerry is being protected by the head-crook, who hides his operation through fraudulent philanthropic work.  Shawn gets in a bind with the criminals and Juliet rushes in to save the day.

Two of the funniest moments in the episode:

1.) Shawn and Gus’ end up trapped on the couch at the office, when they realize that their couch had been booby-trapped with the landmine that they found at the shooter suspect’s house.  A bomb-defusing robot is sent in to help, but the boys first try and direct the robot over to fetch them a plate of nachos to tide them over while the police defuse the landmine.

2.)Woody the coroner (Kurt Fuller) rushes into the hospital room with a body bag, thinking that Henry had died.  Shawn, caught by surprise, tells Woody to hold up and look to the heart-rate monitor, showing that Henry was, in fact, very much alive.  Woody, seemingly only slightly embarrassed at his life-or-death mistake, says, “Oh, that was awkward.”  As a kicker, on the way out, Woody still puts his finger under Henry’s nose to see if he is breathing or not.

Other notable moments and observations:

-I really like how the writers find a way to make every character matter in each episode.  Each character usually helps further the plot in some meaningful way.
-Shawn’s intense show of emotion towards his dad.
-The awesome, and obligatory, “Whaaat?” line by one of the guys.
-Shawn and Gus’ hilarious, rapid-fire “Psshh” noise argument, which results in Shawn caving in to one of Gus’ suggestions.
-Lassiter has a funny scene inside the shooter’s weapons cache, getting excited when he sees that the shooter owns his favorite landmine.
-A hilarious exchange, between Shawn and Lassiter, which also further reveals a bond between the unlikely two, in a car outside Carp’s hideout.

In the teaser for next week, Gus finds a romantic interest, To her disappointment, Shawn dodges having to move in with Juliet, and Shawn catches his divorced parents, Henry and Madeleine (Cybill Shepherd) in bed together.  Looks like next week is going to dip back into the one-off episodic territory, with Shawn’s parents possible reuniting as a side-plot.

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