What’s been the best part of portraying science-fiction’s most iconic time traveler, according to Eleventh Doctor Matt Smith?

Adventuring throughout both the past and future? Fighting robots and aliens? Saving the universe from imminent destruction?

Try locking lips with Jenna-Louise Coleman, who plays The Doctor’s current companion:

“My favourite moment? I like our kiss, that was quite fun, even though it was hell to do. We actually did a couple of different versions; there might be some outtakes.”

Granted, that may not have been the answer we expected….But frankly, I have a hard time finding fault with Smith’s taste in moments.

Many have commented on the chemistry between Smith and Coleman–here’s the good Doctor’s theory on why they make such a marvelous on-screen duo:

“We have bonded over cartoons. I constantly watch The Simpsons and an English cartoon called The Racoons and Gummi Bears.

“I was obsessed with ninja films, and the Teenage Mutant Nina Turtles. I used to love that as well.”

TV and film directors take note: If you want a couple to sizzle on camera–put them together in a trailer and make them watch cartoons and ninja movies….It can’t hurt 😉


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