‘Lost Girl’ Precap – What About Beth?


First some really good news for the fae-thful, Showcase has renewed Lost Girl for a fourth season! The news, which  broke late last week, is really a no-brainer as Lost Girl is both Showcase’s number one show, and the number one show on Canadian basic cable overall. The show was also trending worldwide on Twitter the night of its season three premiere.

Lost Girl remains an anchor series for Showcase, and with its sharp writing and palpable cast chemistry, it has amassed a fan following second-to-none,” said Barbara Williams, Senior Vice President, Content, Shaw Media, owners of Showcase, in a press release. “We are delighted to bring fans another season of the series and can’t wait to see where the creative team takes the story next.”

Shooting will begin on season four sometime this spring. No word yet on if Sy-Fy is going to pick it up, but I can’t imagine why it wouldn’t, it barely costs them anything and Lost Girl is one of like five original  shows on the channel that aren’t reality-based.

But for now, we’re literally in the middle of season three, and last time (after a week off because of the Oscars, I guess), we got some serious answers to many of this season’s biggest questions. What did Kenzi spill on herself at the Norn’s? The essence of another Fae called a Kitsune, a trickster Fae that can take the form of others. The Norn took the Kitsune’s powers, which Kenzi then spill on herself causing her rash, which acted as a lure for the fae who kidnapped Kenzi, took her powers back and ingratiated herself on Kenzi’s life.

The only person who wasn’t fooled, and continues to be unfooled is Bo, so naturally she ends up being caged up at the Dal by the others who worry that their favorite succubus might be getting out of control. (And incidentally, hasn’t Bo be spending a lot of time this season locked up? Just saying.) But as Bo tried to convince everyone that a) Kenzi wasn’t Kenzi, and b) she wasn’t crazy, Trick began to realize what the real problem with Bo is.

It turns out that Bo’s going through “The Dawning” a process where Fae mature to the next stage of their immortal lives. Typically, a Fae reaches this point after a couple of hundred years, but something has spurned Bo to mature a little bit quicker than the other girls. A ritual must be undertaken and passed by all those undergoing The Dawning, or else become an UnderFae. With only a couple of weeks prep, Bo must ready herself for the most important rite of a Fae’s life, so no pressure.

In other developments, The Morrigan tries to make Tamsin get the goods on Bo’s attack on the Dark Fae victim in the season premiere, but Tamsin is becoming more a member of the gang then she’d like to admit. She’s the first to believe Bo that the real Kenzi might be missing, and uses her rather creepy Valkyrie powers to help Bo escape from the Dal. Later, she uses her powers again to awaken Bo’s Dark Fae victim from his coma, under The Morrigan’s orders, to find out once and for all if Bo was his attacker, and even though he confirms, Tamsin lies to the Morrigan to protect Bo. Combined with helping to rescue Kenzi from the Kitsune’s cave, and her past as sorority sister, it was quite a week for warming to the buxom blonde Dark Fae who’s always been more bitter than sweet.

But now, we have to deal with the implications. Heading into this week’s new episode, “There’s Bo Place Like Home,” we have a whole new series of questions that need answers: What’s involved with The Dawning? How will Bo be tested? What’s changed about Kenzi? And when will she spill about why she was at the Norn’s in the first place? Let’s dive into this week’s precap:

1) Trivia Question  – What was the name of the boy that Bo went all Rogue on the first time she fed as a succubus? If you can’t remember, don’t worry, this episode’s going to color in some detail on our heroine’s backstory.

2) Breaking Dawn Part 1 – As we learned last time, Bo is going through a period of transition for Fae called “The Dawning,” and something that normally takes years to prepare for, Bo just has days. At the top of the episode, Bo’s prepping with Trick by trying to unify her body and mind to step through a kind of portico or else get zapped by a force field. Naturally, this first test is presenting Bo some difficulty.

3) Case of the Week – As part of her Dawning prep, Bo must return home and make peace with her adoptive mother. Not a prospect that Bo relishes considering that the last time she saw her momma was the night she accidentally killed a boy with succubus powers, for which she was called a devil child by her mother and forced to runaway from everything she knows. Bo just wants to go home, and get it over with – like tearing off a band aid – but things maybe more complicated than that, both with her mother and with current events in her hometown, Grimsley.

4) It’s Complicated – It looks like Bo may have been involved with Fae business before she even knew she was Fae. Just in time for Bo’s homecoming, and the local Cherry Festival. Her name is Lady Polly, and let’s just say that she won’t be feeling very well by the end of the episode.

5) STELLA! – Trick recruits a Lode Star Fae named Stella to help Bo prepare for the Dawning. It’s Stella’s brilliant idea to send Bo home to Grimsley to forgive her mother, as trying to reconcile her past is one of the things that’s going to help Bo avoid being an UnderFae after the Dawning. In addition, Trick finds himself kind of sweet on Stella too. Stella is played by Toronto actress Deborah Odell who you may recognize from other genre shows shot in the Toronto area like Nikita, Alphas and The Dresden Files.

6) What About Kenzi? – Everyone’s favorite adorable sidekick has trying to adjust post-Kitsune kidnapping. Bo takes Kenzi along to Grimsley feeling that her BFF could use the road trip is spite of it being a very rural destination for our very urban girl. Obviously, talking about the kidnapping, and all the things leading up to it, is still kind of raw for Kenzi, but by episode’s end she may have to confront them point blank.

7) In Other Secret News – Trick comes to realize that Dyson got his love for Bo back, and that could mean some complicated dimensions for the Happy Sunshine Gang (HSG, which I know is The Morrigan’s turn of phrase, but maybe we can make it the new “Scooby Gang”). Or not.

8) Grimsley? – Fair question for American viewers, is there such a place as Grimsley, Ontario? Close. There’s actually a Grimsby, Ontario, a town with the population of just over 25,000 located in Ontario’s Niagara Region, southeast of Hamilton on the coast of Lake Ontario. Grimsby is known more for peaches than it is for cherries, but it is in the heart of Niagara farm country where a lot of the province’s fruit is grown. Grimsby is also notable for being the birth place of Barenaked Ladies keyboardist Kevin Hearn and Del Lord, director of more than three dozen Three Stooges short films between 1935 and 1945. And now you know more than you ever wanted to about Grimsby, Ontario.

9) Burning Questions – “Haven’t you always wanted a pet?” “Will I meet a brave knight and marry away all of my problems?” “Does a horse shit in the barn?” “What is this place?”

10) Klassic Kenzi – “Double Dutch? I thought that was only on Wii.”

11) How Does it End? – “Kenzi, why did you see the Norn?”

NEXT WEEK: Dark Fae scavenger hunt! Which probably won’t be nearly as awesome as it sounds.

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