We’ve seen Daleks and Cybermen and Autons, even famed baddies like Davros and The Master have appeared, and now it’s the Ice Warriors chance to return and be reinvented. They’ll be appearing in the third episode of the second half of Season 7 of Doctor Who – man, what a mouthful! – in an episode written by Mark Gatiss. All we really know thus far about its plot is we’ll find The Doctor and Clara trapped on a submarine for some kind of underwater adventure.

And there’ll be these guys,



Pretty great lookin’, right? I can’t wait to see how they move in these suits! I was worried they’d take their new design too modern, I’d feared they’d look too Silurian. But now, what we have here is another fantastic update job by the pros at Who. From those who designed it to those made it to those who now have to act in it. This look evokes the Ice Warriors of old, see above, but manage to be far more imposing and threatening. Basically, I’m more excited for the Ice Warriors to return now that I’ve gotten a proper look at them.

What do you guys think? Will the Ice Warriors be haunting your dreams, or do you think they’ll fall further on the side of hokey, forgettable Who villain?

Doctor Who returns March 30th at 9pm EST!

Source: SFX via BBC America

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