Christ on a Triscuit, PETA!

Crap like this is why most people look at you as delusional wackjobs at best, and dangerous fanatics at worst!

So here’s the deal: According to some released images of the upcoming Assassin’s Creed 4 for the also upcoming Playstation 4 (specifically, the image above), it seems that at some point or another there is whaling involved. Now, whether this is merely a cut-scene, or a minigame or actual part of the central plot which requires you to engage in virtual whaling is unclear, but the fact that the practice is depicted at all is enough to get PETA’s collective knickers in a twist (for all we know, these could be the game’s VILLAINS doing the whaling!)

I suppose this is a step up from two years ago, when they protested Mario’s Tanooki suit under the “Fur Is Murder” doctrine (I swear, that mess was surreal enough to be an Onion article). At least the Assassin’s Creed franchise takes place in the “normal” world (albeit in the past), rather than a fanciful Kingdom of mushroom people and killer turtles. And yes, whaling IS very real, both in the era of Assassin’s Creed 4 and today, and it is a reprehensible, largely prohibited practice. Do not mistake my ridicule of PETA’s batshit insanity for anything resembling the support of whaling.

But let’s hear straight from the Equine-American’s mouth, shall we?

Whaling—that is, shooting whales with harpoons and leaving them to struggle for an hour or more before they die or are hacked apart while they are still alive—may seem like something out of the history books, but this bloody industry still goes on today in the face of international condemnation, and it’s disgraceful for any game to glorify it. PETA encourages video game companies to create games that celebrate animals—not games that promote hurting and killing them.

You know what else is disgraceful? The despicable practice of accepting money, goods, or other compensation in exchange for committing cold-blooded murder–also known as being an assassin….y’know–the thing THE ENTIRE SERIES IS ABOUT!!! But this doesn’t seem to bother PETA in the least. Oh, and before you say it’s because only humans are killed, what about the scores of games that involve killing animals for sport, food, profit, or survival? I can’t count how many wolves I’ve brutally slaughtered in Skyrim, or how many deer and bears I’ve blown away in Red Dead Redemption….where were the champions of animal rights then?

Assassin’s Creed 4 is a period game. And during the era it is set, whaling was commonplace and unregulated. If parts of the game featuring seafaring in the northern hemisphere DIDN’T touch upon the subject at least a little, it would be an inaccurate portrait of life on the seas at the time.

The idea that whaling in a video game will lead to desensitization to the practice in the real world is as absurd and demonstrably wrong as the repeatedly disproved notion that video game violence encourages players to commit acts of real violence.

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