True story: I was just thinking about how its been a long time since College Humor and Front Page Films had released a Batman/Badman parody starting Pete Holmes as the Dark/Dork Knight. Then BAM! I see a new one is out… Clearly I have the ability to make that which I desire appear. I promise I will not use this power for evil…

We’ve seen him find his voice, fight the Riddler and blow his cover. Now it is time for the final act. The ultimate sacrifice. The Batman/Badman’s long good-bye. Seriously, it goes on for a while:

Deanna Russo also stars as Catwoman and Matt McCarthy returns as Commissioner Gordon. Hard to believe these things have been coming out for the last year and a half and the above does somewhat seem like the last one. Well on the internet. Can we just kickstarter a full Badman movie staring Pete Holmes now?

I would use my above mentioned newly found powers over reality but I am currently focusing them on Tacos, Mila Kunis and, the car from Smokey and The Bandit.

Via: Holmes twitter because like all the cool kids he has one. And a podcast.

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