‘Dexter’ Commits to an 8th Season Ending

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Depending on who you are, this latest could be bad news or some of the best news ever.  The money-bags over at Dexter have been pretty wishy-washy as of late concerning whether they were going to push the show to a 9th season, despite the writers being ready to wrap it up in the 8th.  Now, it looks like one of the biggest overlords of Showtime has confirmed that the 8th will indeed be the last.

CBS prez. Leslie Moonves, while talking about Showtime’s future line-up changes, used the fateful but telling words “…with ‘Dexter’s’ last season…” when talking about season 8.  Either this was a slip o’ the tongue or they just don’t care, but rumors were that they were debating the possibility of a 9th season.  It seems like someone with some good sense won out and they went back to the original plan.

My thoughts can best be embodied in what executive producer Sara Colleton had to say about Dexter in the recent past:

From the very beginning, when I first started developing the pilot, I always knew it would be a seven-year arc for this series. I feel easily that we can be an eight-year show, but I never want it to get old and stale. I want us to go out on a high and everybody on the show is determined to keep the level of it up to the very end. It’s always wise to know when it’s time to leave the stage before you’re asked to leave the stage.

Personally, I don’t think the show has enough gas in it to keep going.  Plus, the writers were ready to drop the finale in season 7 and only an executive decision kept it going into the upcoming season.  So, if you want endless Dexter, you may be tearing up a bit.  But to me, I may miss my favorite serial killer but I’d rather he go out with a bang than a whimper.

Check out eighth and final season of Dexter come June 30th.


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