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Enter one Mister George Lucas – father of Star Wars, timeless geek icon and guy with tons of fkn cash.  He has even more cash since he sold off Lucasfilm to Disney and thus gave up his rights to the Star Wars franchise.  So what’s the old man doing now that he’s no longer narrating the events of a galaxy far, far away?  Well, it looks like he’s taking on a new role, that of an art museum philanthropist.

Apparently, Lucas has quite the passion for art collecting and wants to contribute to the future generations of artists by inspiring them.  And what better way to do that than putting the things that inspired him in his own life on display for all to see?

Check out this video of Lucas talking about his new endeavor:

Personally, I am especially impressed with his choice to add contemporary digital art to the exhibit and truly make the museum a journey through the artistic tradition up to the modern day.

Well, George, I think I have finally forgiven you for Episodes I-III now.  Good show, old man.  The force is strong with you once more.


Thanks to Collider for the heads-up.

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