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ABOVE: Memba the Hawkeye Initiative? It was all the rage a full months back. If you’re unfamiliar, the idea was to “fix every Strong Female Character pose in superhero comics” by “replacing the character with Hawkeye doing the same thing,” with drawings courtesy of artists all around the globe — professional and not. It was a funny way to bring awareness to hyper sexualation in comics. Anyway, it was only a matter of time before some Asian with perky buttocks had to make it a Cosplay.   [TheMarySue]


“You Missed” – A mixed media Deadpool mosaic by Mike Oncle. It was made from empty bullet casings and shotgun shells. The portrait is selling for $800, ready to hang and is signed by the artist. [ObviousWinner]


Star Wars nesting dolls. Star Wars or not, I for one, never cared for nesting dolls. I can’t help but view them as various sized dildos.  [Technabob]

f16b_star_wars_deluxe_ice_trays (1)

Star Wars deluxe silicon molds. YES! Finally I can make an acceptable sized chocolate Han Solo in Carbonite! A ganache  [ThinkGeek]

Dead Space 3 rap. Isaac Clark drops his beats almost as hard as he drops his knee into Necromorphs. [Dorkly]

It’s actually a bit surprising that it took them so long, given the show’s huge popularity, but Saturday Night Live offered up a parody of The Walking Dead.  [ToplessRobot]

Geeky Love (Marry Me) – an original song by Screen Team Show. It’s a toe tapping tune and oh so adorkable.

Toy Story‘s Woody and Buzz were modded into Grand Theft Auto. Your child hood has just been destroyed. [SlashFilm]

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