Robert Kirkman to Tackle Demons in New TV Series

robert kirkman

Getting tired of zombies hoarding the airwaves?  Vampires just ain’t sparkling your imagination like they used to?  Wizards and witches don’t have that same old magic?  Well, how about a good old fashioned demon-themed television show for a change?  If that’s what you’re looking for, than look no further, for The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman is looking to bring these Biblically old-school bad guys to a television near you.

The new show, as of yet untitled, is to be based upon a comic book, that too untitled, that Kirkman is putting together.  Though the titles are not known, a little bit of the story is thus far.  It apparently revolves around one Kyle Barnes, victim of demonic possession.  In an effort to figure out what’s going on with him, he ends up stumbling across something big and bad and mean enough to destroy life on Earth.

To get the new project rolling, Kirkman has Walking Dead ally and executive producer David Alpert helping it along.  He’ll be looking at airing the show via Fox International Channels and fishing for a U.S. network from there.  FIC expressed their interest in Kirkman’s new baby in these PR friendly words:

Exorcism has captivated movie audiences all over the world but has never been explored on television. Robert Kirkman, who forever changed the scope of cable TV with The Walking Dead, possesses an unparalleled talent of telling big-concept stories in a smart and incredibly genuine way. We couldn’t be more excited to be working with him on this project, which we see as a reinvention of the genre.

So there you have it – a “reinvention of the genre”.  Robert Kirkman + demonic possession in the near future.  What do you folks on the other side of the Internets think?  Sound interesting enough to watch?  Does Kirkman’s name being attached make it more desirable?


Thanks to Screenrant for the heads-up.

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