Doctor Who is almost back. In fact, if you haven’t noticed, Easter weekend is turning into quite the nerdy event weekend with both Doctor Who and Game of Thrones returning. And as we come closer to the premiere of Doctor Who‘s Series 7 Part 2, or Season 7B, or however you want to classify the back half of this season, more and more details are emerging.

Doctor Who TV has the scoop – as they often do – on some interesting tidbits about the first episode, “The Bells of St. John” as well are the rest of the season from the most recent Doctor Who Magazine. But first, if you want to avoid the spoilers, I give you 14 photos from the new season,

Okay, for the spoilers hit the jump!

Here’s the synopsis for “The Bells of St. John,”

Earth, 2013. A whole world swimming in Wi-Fi. A Wi-Fi soup! Suppose something got inside it. Suppose there was something living in the Wi-Fi, harvesting human minds. Something that loves and cares for humanity so much it can’t get enough of it…

Nothing earth-shattering there, but continue on,

-Set squarely in London
-Moffat says: “If something did get in Wi-Fi, we’d be kind of screwed. It’s time to make kids frightened of Wi-Fi!”
-There are nods to the 2011 UK riots, the Shard skyscraper, the Olympics (the 2074 Anti-Grav Olympics), and the police box at Earl’s Court
-Big set pieces include: the Doctor and Clara piloting a passenger jet over the city, the Doctor riding a motorbike over Westminster Bridge and performing an “improbable stunt”
-Moffat says there are three Claras – Oswin, Victorian Clara, and modern-day Clara. They are “each the same person for reasons that will become evident. Each is an emphasis on a different bit: one’s the computer genius, one’s the nanny… but the strands are fundamentally the same”
-The modern-day Clara is a more “realistic version” and there’s still plenty to discover about her
-The mystery of Clara is a lighter story arc

Hmm, I think we’re all really intrigued by what Moffat is doing with Clara, I just hope the payoff is good. Moffat can spin some damn interesting yarns, but sometimes, knowing how it all works ruins the magic. See River Song’s entire confusing arc.

Here’s a couple episode quotes,

THE DOCTOR: “I don’t know who Clara is. I don’t understand her. I met her three times. Twice she died. The same woman, three times. Not possible.”

THE DOCTOR: “You’re a nanny, Isn’t that a bit… Victorian?”
CLARA: “Victorian?” _
THE DOCTOR: “Well you’re young. Shouldn’t you be doing, you know… young things? With young people?
CLARA: “What you mean like you, for instance? Down boy!”

And finally, a few more teases about what’s coming in the rest of the season,

-Neil Cross’ alien episode set out to be “as big, and grand, and running-round-y, and alien as possible. A really, properly alien planet”
-The Ice Warriors are very intimidating and very powerful. The story respects the source but there are huge gaps in which you can invent (Check out the first look at them here!)
-In the opening shot of Neil Cross’ ghost story, Jessica Raine’s character, Emma Grayling, is talking to a… something, possibly a ghost, and she disappears into a dark room
-Neil Gaiman set out to scare with his Cybermen episode. He also wanted to create an “emotional reaction to the Cybermen” that was similar to how he felt when he saw them on the Moon [The Moonbase]“
-Moffat says there might be “a certain villain popping up again, but really I couldn’t tell you who”

I don’t think I’ve been so excited for Easter. Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, and candy! What more could you want?

Doctor Who returns March 30th at 9pm EST!

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