We’re mere weeks away from the premiere of Game of Thrones Season 3 on HBO March 31st at 9pm EST, and still it feels as if we’ll be waiting years to be in Westeros again. Thankfully, the promotion of the series’ return is in full drive so you can’t go a day without hearing something about Thrones. In an interview with Mother Jones, showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss – who must at the same time have the best life and the busiest life – chat about finally getting to Season 3, how they went about convincing HBO to pick up the show, and how long they think it can last.

Here’s a few choice quotes,

MJ: How much obligation do you feel toward the source material?

B&W: We’re under no contractual restrictions with regards to the storytelling. It’s just that we pursued these books—and pushed for the show’s green-light—for almost four years before we got to shoot the pilot. We gave up other opportunities because we love these books and want to do them justice. So for us, it’s about adapting the books according to our notions of justice—which won’t mesh with the fundamentalist book fans’ notions. Which is fine with us because if the fundamentalists were running the show, there wouldn’t be a show.

MJ: I take it the response to Game of Thrones has exceeded your expectations?

B&W: When HBO was mulling whether or not to green-light the pilot, we kept telling them the show would be a big hit. But we’d never made a TV show before so we didn’t actually know what we were talking about. And we knew we didn’t. We thought it was likelier than not that we were full of shit. In the rare event that we end up not being full of shit, it is always a surprise to us.

MJ: Okay, I’d like to get your take on this whole notion of “sexposition.” Do people really pay closer attention to intricate plot points delivered during a sex scene?

Benioff: Personally, I pay less attention to intricate plot points delivered during sex scenes.

Weiss: Yes, that’s a tricky line to walk. Sex grabs people’s attention. But once it has their attention, it tends not to let go of it.

MJ: I gather that Game of Thrones could last eight or nine seasons. Does that mean putting novel writing on hold for a decade?

B&W: Yes, if we live that long and HBO keeps wanting to make the show. We have the opportunity here to tell a coherent story that lasts for 80 hours. And while a canvas of that size presents all sorts of storytelling problems, it also allows us to spend more time with these characters we love than we’ll ever get again. Every once in a while we get five minutes to think about thinking about novels. But mostly we’re just happy when we get to read one now and again.

You heard it here, 80 hours, so start making room in your schedule for the marathon and begin saving up for that box set. Head on over to Mother Jones to read the full interview. How are you passing the time before Game of Thrones returns? Have you rewatched Seasons 1 and 2? Read book three, A Storm of Swords?

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