What bullshit! First, The Avengers released a week earlier in the U.K. last year, now Star Trek Into Darkness!? Grr. Why!? I’m an American, I feel entitled, and I’m unaccustomed to not being first! Whine!

Okay. So Paramount has announced Star Trek Into Darkness will have its U.K. release on May 9th, six whole days before the flick releases in IMAX here in the U.S. Eight whole days before the film has its general release! Will they move up the U.S. release? Impossible? No. Likely? Also, no.

I guess we’ll know for sure whether Benedict Cumberbatch is really Khan before it hits theatres here. I mean, I’ll do my best to avoid spoilers, but something that big will be impossible to ignore. Unless, of course, they confirm this before Star Trek Into Darkness releases anywhere, which Bleeding Cool is kind of hinting at in their article. Stay tuned to see if anything comes of that.

What do you think of the U.K. getting Into Darkness first? Will you become a hermit in order to avoid spoilers? Maybe you’ll pirate it and see it a week early yourself? You can tell me, I’m not a cop.

Source: Bleeding Cool

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