While most of you are probably marathoning Season 2 over the coming weeks, for those who don’t have the time HBO has put together this nifty little recap show to get you back up to speed. As if you could forget anything from last year’s dramatic season, I know. But rather than just a compilation of clips the recap show, titled “A Gathering Storm” as a nice little nod to the third book, also includes interviews with the writers and cast giving their thoughts on Season 2’s events. It’s a nice touch.

Watch “A Gathering Storm” in its entirety below,

Ready for Season 3? Oh, I believe I more than ready. This is it, this is the season they needed to reach if they want to cement the show in television history. I can’t wait for everyone’s reactions to what – fingers crossed! – will be Game of Thrones best season yet!

Game of Thrones returns to HBO on March 31st at 9pm EST.

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