I chose a despondent looking Emma Watson to go with this article, because I’m despondent over this Emma Waston news! Not long after it was announced Kenneth Branagh was taking over directing duties for the planned, live-action Cinderella flick – which also already has Cate Blanchet attached as the wicked step-mother – rumors began circulating Emma Watson was being sought to play the princess. But now Variety’s Marc Graser has tweeted,

What!? Why!? This is a bummer. Sure, I’m not going to force the girl into something she doesn’t want to do, but, Emma, Y U NO WANT TO BE CINDERELLA?

With Watson out, who do you think Disney and Branagh should look to fill those glass slippers?

All right, on to news that’ll hopefully find a happier ending.


Continuing their string of live-action, fairy tale adaptations, Disney is looking to do the same with Beauty and the Beast. Deadline is reporting they’ve hired Trance scriptwriter, Joe Ahearne to develop the movie simply titled, The Beast. Judging by their choice of writer – Danny Boyle’s Trance looks very dark – they’re obviously wanting this new film to be darker take on the tale. Maybe something closer to a horror movie, but more gothic than gory.

Hmm, this sounds an awful lot like the Beauty and the Beast film Guillermo del Toro is supposedly working on for Warner Bros. Y’know, the one that also has Emma Watson kind of, sort of, attached. Hey, wait a minute! Are these stories linked!? If Watson passed on Cinderella so she could take part in Del Toro’s Beauty I support her decision 100%! But I don’t know what the likelihood of that is, we haven’t heard anything about Del Toro’s Beauty since we first heard of it. Might be that it’ll go the way of his stop-motion, Pinocchio film, which we’re also still waiting on.

So, more fairy tales coming to movie theatres on the horizon, and not one of them animated. Seems OZ: The Great and Powerful has invigorated the market for Disney. Think it’s a smart decision to move forward with more live-action fairy tales? Who’d you like to see involved with Disney’s Beauty and the Beast? Personally, I’d be fine if they kept their live-action fairy tales to ABC’s Once Upon a Time, but, that may just be me.

UPDATE! Variety has not only confirmed that yes, Watson has passed on Cinderella, but they’ve also confirmed she is still attached to Del Toro’s Beauty and the Beast. Though, this WB’s Beauty flick, in which Watson would play Belle, is still in development with no production start date or release date. Meaning, no set plan to film this year leaving Watson free for other projects.

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