Expect much of Clara as we now know she will survive this coming season of Doctor Who as well as the 50th Anniversary special and the Christmas special. During an interview on Radio 5 Live with Richard Bacon, Jenna-Louise Coleman confirmed we’ll be seeing Clara in the series’ eighth season, which will air in 2014, hopefully early 2014, after the Christmas special. She also mentions Doctor Who will take a four-month filming break to allow Matt Smith to come to America and film How to Catch a Monster. They’ll resume filming in September.

Doctor Who TV has kindly uploaded her entire interview, listen below. Coleman confirms Season 8 around the 12:56 mark.

But we’re kind of getting ahead of ourselves, there’s still lots of Who to come in 2013. Like that 50th anniversary special we’ve heard hundreds of freakin’ rumors about. Well, those holding out for the BBC to call upon all the surviving Doctors to make appearances, it’s looking pretty unlikely. Colin Baker has denied he’s returning, Peter Davison has confirmed he’s received no calls, and now Sylvestor McCoy has only more of the same. McCoy told IGN,

The other day I was with Tom Baker, Peter, and Colin – the 20th century Who-ers, and Tom asked ‘Well, little man, have you heard anything?’ and I told him ‘No, I haven’t heard anything.’ So none of us have heard anything.

It seems there are no plans to involve these past Doctors in the anniversary special. I’m not ruling out either of the reboot Doctors, Christopher Eccelston and David Tennant, though they too seem kind of unlikely at this point. Filming for the anniversary special is set to begin anytime now, so you’d figure we’d know something more definitive by now if they were involved. That doesn’t mean you won’t be able to hear those classic Doctors together again, they’re still reuniting for Big Finish’s audio anniversary special.

If they’re not looking to involve past Doctors or companions, what do you think they have in mind for the 50th? Remember, they’ve promised, “It. Will. Be. Big.,” so it better be something good.

Source: Doctor Who TV

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