All you need is a plasma cutter, a Beverly shear, some sheet metal and, the undeniable desire to be bad-ass. Tony Stratton, Hollywood blacksmith and owner of Sword and Stone armory, has a web series called Man-at-Arms where he makes the iconic weapons of fiction real, and by real I mean sharp and full of awesome.

He’s made Jaime Lannister’s sword from Game of ThronesRaphael’s Sai from TMNT and even Odd Job’s hat. If the dude can make the silliest henchman weapon from the Bond movies an actual deadly weapon, you know he knows what he is doing. Oh, and Tony is responsible for the Batarangs from the Chris Nolan Batman movies, however the ones he makes here are considerably more dangerous. In his own words, “these are not stunt Batarangs. These ones will tear stuff up.

The video takes you from start to finish on the project (finish being throwing Batarangs at stuff, which is what I wish my job was now.) Check it out for yourself.

Car windows, balloons, old TVs… NOTHING IS SAFE!

Source: Batman-News

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