Shared via director James Mangold‘s Twitter, these new portraits of the main cast, Hugh Jackman, Rila Fukushima, and Tao Okamoto, serve as our introduction to The Wolverine’s leading ladies. Fukushima is Yukio, the ronin, while Okamoto is playing Mariko, a name I’m  familiar with because I know something of her’s and Wolverine’s romantic past . I watched the 90s X-Men cartoon, I ain’t no n00b.



We could see a trailer any day now, definitely within the next two weeks. Then we’ll get our chance to see Fukushima and Okamoto in action. The two models turned actress are relatively unknown, and I do believe this’ll be both of their first feature film.

What are you expectations for The Wolverine? Think it will heal all wounds? Even Wolverine: Origins?

The Wolverine will release July 26th.

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