The short answer is maybe. Back in January, Universal Pictures announced that Jurassic Park 4 was moving forward with a 2014 release date, which, working backwards, would mean that the film would have to go into production sometime this summer. But there’s still no word on who might be directing the film, and this even though there’s a “Now Hiring” sign outside the JP4 offices for everything on the side of either cast or crew.

So what’s the skinny? Is there some kind of big secret that prevents Universal from naming a director till they can cash in the news for maximum effect? And it must be a doozy if the studio feels confident enough that it can recruit top talent without naming a director.

According to HitFix‘s Drew McWeeny, those members of the crew hired to help bring this new Jurassic Park to life are being brought on without being told who they’re working for. McWeeney posits that Universal must be in negotiations with someone pretty high-profile to take the director’s chair, and he’s putting his money on Oblivion and TRON Legacy filmmaker Joseph Kosinski. But what if its even bigger than that? What if the big director being negotiated with is none other than Steven Spielberg?

Exhibit A: Spielberg’s always been close to the franchise, pushing for the development of a fourth film he though he stepped away from the director’s role after The Lost World. Exhibit B: Spielberg’s next project Robopocalypse has been delayed till the script issues have been resolved, and the only other project on his radar is the Tintin sequel, which Peter Jackson, not Spielberg, will be directing. It’s possible that Spielberg has the room in his schedule now and willingness to bang out a Jurassic Park sequel.

So when will we know? Well, the 3-D version of Jurassic Park comes out in theaters on April 5, so maybe Universal will time their announcement for maximum impact.

More news as it develops.

Source: Cinema Blend

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