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Above: Batman Beyond was a great cartoon and deserves to be revisited again on the small, or even the big screen. This design by Yvan Quinet makes us want that even more. [XombieDIRGE]

Hit the jump for the work of J.G. Jones, the art of Kris Anka and Zac Roane and more.


One in a series of  tributes to Sigourney Weaver, here’s a Ripley/Dana Barrett mash-up by David Pietrandrea. All of the works are being raffled by Geeks OUT in their “Dream Weaver” party, celebrating the career of the actress with proceeds benefiting the queer geek community. A good cause with cool art. [The Mary Sue]


Now here’s how you know you’re having a rough day, the Hulk is literally knocking the rocks off you. This cool one on one brawl between the Hulk and The Thing by Sketchthing looks like it could be ready for print on the cover of any Marvel comic or at the very least a nice “What if” one shot issue. Please, some hire this person. [Geek Tyrant]


The work of J.G. Jones is well known in the DC Universe and beyond, having been featured on multiple covers and the work on the Wanted comic book series with Mark Millar. Just take a look at this version of Supergirl, featured on the cover of Final Crisis #3. [Themyscira]


See this is why you always pick a companion that has pants, one day some Doctor Who fan like Caterina Baldaro is going to draw the doctors wearing their clothing. I guess that is a thing? I don’t know. I don’t even want to know. [Deviant Art]


Ever wonder what superheroes do in between all the fighting and issues we’ve been reading about for decades? Artist Phil Noto created a series featuring the Avengers, Fantastic Four and other heroes in those candid moments behind the scenes and between the pages. [Geek Tyrant]


Artists Kris Anka and Zac Roane have a thing for comic book redesigns, both of the have had their work featured online in some form like Anka’s redesigns in the relaunched Uncanny X-Force. Joining forces the pair started Agents of Redesign, a Tumblr page featuring characters from both Marvel and DC. Personally, their work is awesome and each have their own distinct style, take a look. [Comics Alliance]


Created as part of the ‘Six Seasons And A Movie’ Art Show in Los Angeles artist Craig Ashforth created nine comic style pieces inspired by NBC‘s Community. Picking some of the best episodes from the comedic series, including his own unique style, Craig hand draws every cover based on a slightly different comic book style. [Nudity and Nerdery]


This fun piece by DAlexisStPierre is the lighter side of fighting crime, you just ask the lady nicely to put back the necklace she just snuck out with no pockets whatsoever. [MissKateQuinn]

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